Does it really take only 60 minutes to set up an EZ ICE™ rink?

EZ ICE rinks are designed with normal hockey moms and dads in mind. Our rinks are simple, convenient, and high-quality. Building rinks the old-fashioned way can take hours, days, or full weekends. We installed a rink in under five minutes to show that you don't need to be an All-Star to easily have your rink up in less than an hour.

Can the EZ ICE™ rink really be installed on ANY surface?

EZ ICE rinks can be installed on grass, tennis courts, basketball courts, turf fields, patios, driveways, you name it. Other backyard hockey rinks with stakes can't be installed on hard surfaces or frozen ground because you can't hammer stakes into hard surfaces. EZ ICE's patent pending bracket and strap system eliminates the need for lawn-destroying stakes. Because no part of the rink penetrates the ground, you can even assemble your EZ ICE rink on any hard or soft surface!

Can I install my EZ ICE rink once my lawn has frozen?

Yes. EZ ICE rinks do not require stakes to be hammered into the earth so there's no rush to install your rink before the first frost. Other companies' backyard rinks require hammering stakes into the ground. Don't spend all weekend breaking your back hammering metal or plastic stakes into icy grass as hard as concrete, buy an EZ ICE 60 Minute Backyard Rink ™!

Can I increase the size of my EZ ICE rink in future years?

Absolutely! Most of our customers are families with young hockey players, so we offer extension kits of all sizes. Expanding your rink in future years is as simple as paying the difference in price between your current rink and the expanded size. We will then ship you everything you need for your new rink – no more calculating how many boards, brackets, etc. you will need!

How long will it take to receive my rink?

All standard sized rinks ordered during the fall and winter ship next day. Custom sized rinks ship in 2 days. Rinks ordered during the summer will begin to ship October 1st.

How tall are EZ ICE boards?

EZ ICE boards are 16" high and molded from the highest quality plastic. They are the perfect height to keep pucks in play, without being too unwieldy. Each board weighs less than 10 pounds.

Will the side boards of an EZ ICE™ rink withstand my hardest slap shot?

EZ ICE boards can withstand even the hardest slap shots at the coldest temperatures!

Does the ground have to be perfectly level for me to install an EZ ICE™ rink?

No! EZ ICE rinks are designed to account for yards of varying shape and topology. The boards of an EZ ICE rink are tall enough to account for any small bumps or height differences up to 1 foot. The water will naturally level itself. Please measure the slope of your yard before purchasing to make sure there is no more than 1 foot of slope.

How durable is the liner?

Our liners are made from extremely high-quality white 3-layer 6 mil poly and are designed specifically to withstand the wear and tear associated with backyard hockey. They may be used year after year with proper care as they can withstand impact from pucks and sticks. Every rink comes with free repair tape that even works under water, so any small cuts can be repaired easily.

I have a backyard tennis/sport court. Can an EZ ICE™ rink be installed right on the court?

If you remove the net, our "Large" 40' x 80' rink is designed to fit perfectly on a standard-sized doubles tennis court. The rink should not damage the court and can be taken down in under an hour in the spring time! The EZ ICE components do not cause harm to the underlying surface.

Is EZ ICE written on the liner/can I customize what it says?

EZ ICE is not written on the liner. Our liners are plain white to reflect as much sunlight as possible and keep your rink frozen even on sunny days.

How big should I make my rink?

This is totally dependent upon who you are. Families will often start with a Medium or Large rink and expand in future years. Towns, schools, and country clubs will usually order an "XXL" or a larger custom size to fit their needs. For reference, we have played 3v3 with five other professional hockey players on an "XL" 40' x 80' EZ ICE rink. Feel free to give us a call with questions.

What kind of maintenance does an EZ ICE rink require?

We suggest purchasing a 48" SnowPusherLite from http://www.snowpusherlite.com/. After you skate, use their shovel to give your rink a quick squeegee with your skates still on. An XXL rink takes just 5 minutes to clear! Next, you can optionally add a think layer of water from the hose for a Zamboni-like finish. But if you don't have time, the SnowPusherLite will do.

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