Stake-Free Backyard

Hockey Rink Design


The 60 Minute Backyard Rink™ is absolutely the simplest, sharpest-looking, best-engineered, smoothest-to-assemble backyard ice skating rink ever invented. Developed at Yale University, our patent-pending design takes advantage of engineering principles to eliminate the need for hammering any spikes into your lawn.

We've replaced the need for tools or stakes by introducing our simple strap system. As the water level increases, the weight of the water creates pressure on the rink walls—tensioning the straps and solidifying the rink.

What does this mean? It means that EZ ICE rinks can be installed on any surface: pavement, tennis or basketball courts, frozen ground, or soft grass. There is no concern for damaging the underlying surface or for damaging underground structures such as sprinkler plumbing.

Other online rink products all require some portion of the rink to be hammered into the ground or require tedious drilling, sawing or hammering. Our self-standing and self-stabilizing rinks can be installed by anyone from "weekend warrior" dads, to hockey moms, to 10-year-old kids.

At EZ ICE, we take great pride in our engineering. We are tirelessly striving to provide you with the most-convenient rink for your backyard.